Apr 28, 2012

Building the bottle kiln

As with many things in life, when we share in the creativity and problem solving with others ...that's when projects really happen. My bottle kiln is no exception, and I am indebted to many friends for all their ideas, support and physical help at its, every stage. Nick grant,eco minimalist, Colin Chetwood metal sculpture & lighting, Jeremy steward potter and John Tieser of 'Springherne cider' should all be checked out for their individual creative talents.
Clive Bowen, so generously let me be part of a team, building his bottle kiln at the Abberystwith festival, some four years ago. And that was the embryonic beginning. The following photos show its construction. 
 Jeremy Steward and Nick Grant, shed design

Arch formers for the fireboxes

brick construction over the formers

chamber showing both skins

view through the fire boxes

Colin and Nick weld banding


chimney through the shed roof