I love the way porcelain accentuates soft gentle forms. I look for a 'sense of quiet'. It is the beautiful smoothness of porcelain that emphasises the maker's touch, hand against rib, inner tension with lift,and soft rim. Porcelain requires a certain crispness and care in the making. With porcelain, the qualities of fluidity and softness are retained upon firing. I find this exciting, and so I use a glaze, which has a watery quality, letting the porcelain breathe through. I use trailed porcelain slip on the pots while they are still damp emphasising form and texture, adding detail with suggested natural motifs. Iron-rich slips are then brushed in areas, which combine in the glaze melt to give strength of colour to rims, handles and decoration. My porcelain pots are all bisque fired before glazing and fired in a gas kiln to 1300°C.

teapot 21cm
screw threaded jar 14cm
sauce bottles 16cms
mugs 7cms
mugs 9cms
spice jars 12cm
side plate 18cm
tea caddy 14cm