Fellow potter at Wobage, Jeremy Steward, describes Patia’s work:
Warm, rich colours and strong forms of Patia’s domestic earthenware pots reflect her motivation  towards utility and the pleasurable role that these pots play from kitchen to table. They are raw glazed and once-fired to 1120 C. Not unlike the rural English terracotta potters of earlier centuries. Patia’s creative response to living and making evolves steadily and confidently. Her deft lightness of touch on the wheel, and the influence of the natural world surrounding her home and workshop, brings a contemporary edge to a range of pots which also asserts a deep respect for tradition.

Perhaps her most championed forms are her range of plates and bakers, many mould- made, others thrown and altered. Patia’s earthenware range is decorated predominantly before construction, her studio often filled with racks of beautifully slipped slabs of clay: an ever expanding vocabulary; layer upon layer of pours, drips, trails, featherings and brushmarks.  This work is intense, spontaneous, often rapidly executed. Yet in other ways, it is very carefully considered and composed in response to the moment of process, new ideas or to previous experience of fired composition. Once fired, the slips and glaze are transformed into gloss three dimensional paintings. Each dish undeniably an individual; carefully designed and deftly finished, ergonomically satisfying and earning its place on the kitchen table or in the oven. Each pot magnificent, as a canvass in its own right.

nibbles dishes 18cm
mugs 11cms
side plate 22cm
Potato Dish 18cm
side plate 22cm

cup and saucer

Detail of plate

Earthenware Jug
sexy jug 21cm